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Asher Masino

Asher Masino


As a native of Madison, my roots go deep in this city. Growing up on the West side, but now a born-again East sider, I am very familiar with Madison, its neighborhoods, surrounding areas, and the wonderful things this city has to offer. From neighborhood lifestyles to personalities, I will help you find your spot in this city. 

I graduated from UW-Madison in 2010 with degrees in Sociology, and Gender and Women’s Studies. I continued on with graduate studies in Communication Arts where I realized that I would much rather work with people than read about them! Having always been interested in architecture and being raised around home building, real estate felt like a natural next step for me. Growing up, my parents built many houses. My dad was a homebuilder and an electrician; and my mom and step-dad general contracted the building of homes and also had investment properties, so I’ve been around homes, their construction and investment most of my life. 

I have hit the ground running and thrived in real estate since beginning in 2015. I have a lot of experience with first time home buyers, seasoned home buyers and sellers, relocating buyers, and lake homes. I’m excited to bring a fresh perspective to real estate, focusing on the right kinds of multi-media marketing, contemporary staging, negotiation assistance, and helping clients find the right homes and neighborhoods that fit their personality and budget. I am committed to making the purchase or selling of real estate a smooth process. Customer service is my top priority and I help my clients every step of the way.

 I live with my partner, Portia, on the near-east side. Portia works for a local video production company, shooting and editing videos (sometimes I get to make cameos!). I spend many days a week lifting weights at our locally owned neighborhood gym, where I focus on powerlifting and bodybuilding, and have lots of fun with my gym community. I recently started competing in powerlifting, which has been a fun addition to my training. I have a passion for food and enjoy experimenting with new recipes. I love to try new things and my recipe book is never-ending. In the summers I play sand volleyball at a local bar. I always attend the neighborhood festivals and enjoy lots of local music, food, and fun with friends and family.