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Rachel Whaley

Rachel Whaley


The Midwest vibes, glorious outdoor activities and seasonal changes in Wisconsin is why Rachel has put her roots down in Madison for 15 years. Proud homeowner herself, she took up real estate after falling in love with this strong and diverse city.


As a licensed REALTOR since 2003, Rachel has primarily worked as a Buyer’s Agent throughout her career. She hopes to ensure that Buyers are represented well, that they find the right house and for the right price. To Rachel, she understands the importance in your decision. It doesn’t matter how many houses she shows you as long as you are happy with your final decision. That is why she finds it very important to sit down with you to determine your goals and interests so that together you will find that perfect house, in that perfect neighborhood, with the perfect schools. Your home-buying “must have” check list is one of Rachel’s key tools in searching for your next home. She does her best not to waste your time by showing you properties with qualities you aren’t willing to tolerate. Whatever your Real Estate needs, she will represent you from start to finish, and keep your best interests in mind throughout the entire transaction. While she hopes to make every transaction a success she wants house hunting to be a fun experience for you as well! Her excitement and positive attitude is reflected and reinforced throughout her testimonials, take your neighbor’s word for it!

Home Life

Aside from selling real estate, Rachel enjoys the outdoors most of all. Stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, snowboarding, camping and backpacking are a few of Rachel’s regular hobbies, along with gardening, yoga and eating delicious food. Buying local is important to her so she supports her local farmers, artists and vendors as often as possible. While she tries to reclaim and recycle all that she can, her new Prius helps with her guilt of putting on so many miles in the car. Along with the outdoor activities Rachel has a passion to support Habitat for Humanity by helping coordinate two Build Days a month with the Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin (RASCW). Rachel also volunteers at the Goodman center, and was a big sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters for a number of years. Community, nature, and environmental responsibility drives her on a daily basis, obviously she’s living in the right city!