Monona was first a part of the Town of Blooming Grove until its incorporation in 1938. Consisting of mostly farmland and vacation homes for those in Madison. Prior to its incorporation however, the city was home to the Tonyawatha Springs Hotel.  A grand hotel where Madisonians could take a steam ferry across the lake for 20 cents and enjoy the weekend.  Built in 1879, the hotel was destroyed in 1895 by fire.

The city saw it's largest growth in the 1950's and in the 1960's built a community center and swimming pool for the residents.  In 1969, it went from being a village to full blown city and established a City Hall which to this day houses the police and fire departments.

Landlocked on all sides either by Lake Monona or the City of Madison, land is at a premium in Monona, especially on the water. Known for its small town feel, Monona has an elementary school as well as the high school. Students are bussed to the middle school in Cottage Grove at this time. Smaller classroom sizes and committed teachers and parents make these schools great and they rank highly every year.

Lake Living with a Small Town Feel

Perhaps one of the best things about Monona is the access to Lake Monona. If you enjoy boating, there are numerous boat launches as well. Twenty six parks, including Dream Park, the flagship park,  are scattered throughout the City. Recent improvements to many of the parks have given the City a sense of renewed pride.  With a world class library, skatepark and public pool in the City center the Summer months are enjoyable for residents looking for activities closer to home. In the Winter months the shelter at Winnequah park offers ice skating and snow shoeing on the lagoon and a warming house with refreshments.  It is not unusual to see residents on the lake clear hockey rinks as well.

New restaurants have arrived on the scene including Off Broadway Drafthouse, Breakwater and Waypoint.  The staple Italian Deli Frabonis as well as the butcher shop at Ken's continue to be community favorites!

Stop by this great city...

There is a lot to be said about this little city on the shores of Lake Monona and the rich history has people moving back after being away for years.  It's always nice to know you can enjoy the sunset on the lake and an ice cream cone at Monona's Bait & Ice Cream Shop.  Be sure to stop and visit this great city next time you are on that side of the lake and enjoy the lifestyle of lake living.

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