A variety of grand Victorian houses, newer condos, two flats and recent Queen Anne style homes populate the neighborhood, but it’s the quality of the neighborhood relationships that make this place stand out. It's a self-contained, walkable prize for families and residents, where local grocery stores, speciality shops, nationally renowned restaurants and local watering holes are all within a short distance from neighborhood homes. 

Nationally celebrated neighborhood 

A recipient of the 2013 American Planning Association’s Great Neighborhood award, this east side Madison location is nationally recognized for its diversity of homes, people and businesses. Empty of national chains, the Williamson Marquette neighborhood sports an eclectic collection of shops, businesses, coffee houses and local restaurants and bars. The people are as warm, welcoming, innovative and fun-loving as you could imagine. From international graduate students and young families to long-time Madison natives, this neighborhood is a great home to all kinds of people.

Perfect blend of activities and people

Summer festivals are a weekly activity and always within walking distance, and a local public beach anchors one side of the neighborhood and a lakefront park with great views of Lake Monona is one the far east side. Two bike paths run the length of the neighborhood and provide a bike commuter’s dream for easy access to downtown businesses and cultural activities. As more and more people throughout the world are discovering, Williamson Marquette is truly a unique gem of a Madison neighborhood.

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